Cleft Rocks! Stereoscopic Corner #4

Contributed by Claudia Manzoni and Brian May

Between Ingenuity’s third and fourth flight, Perseverance took a chance to drive to a new parking site in order to access new rocks to capture and analyze on the 66th Martian day of the mission. The shape of many high-relief rocks in the area is particularly intriguing, showing indentations that partially divide them into two or more portions. We thought these deserved to be portrayed in 3-D close-ups so that their shapes and texture could be appreciated in all their tri-dimensional peculiarity.  

We offer here three stereo views below in side-by-side, cross-eyed, and anaglyph format. All these cleft rocks images are details from the panorama fragment assembled by the Mastcam-Z team, visible for context in anaglyph format at this link.


Brian and Claudia