Harbor Seal in Stereo

Contributed by Brian May and intended for viewing in a side-by-side stereoscopic viewer

It’s my favourite perhaps because it was our first successful parallel landscape stereo view, captured just a few days after the landing.  But the Dreamer in me sees the Harbour Seal as the first creature to welcome the Rover Perseverance, poking its head up close by, its intriguing smooth shape fashioned by a million years of Martian wind and sand, waiting for this epic moment.  As a side-by-side stereo it’s also pleasing because the colours and shadows conspire with the parallax differences in the stereo pair to give us a perfect picture, not just of a rock standing out from the alien background, but of a solid body we feel we could put our hands around.  The resolution and sharpness are also not half bad!!  Harbour Seal Rock is symbolic of the great triumph of Perseverance. 

February 21, 2021

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