Javier Baranano

This is the 3-D Red/Cyan glasses anaglyph version of a Mastcam-Z 3-D VR panorama product from Sol 3 that I made and posted at  It is in an equirectangular stereoscopic projection, composed of 284 individual images and with 360 metadata (on FB the 360º engine will be activated immediately). It is black and white, because the anaglyph (Red/Cyan), produces reverberation in environments where Red/Orange/Magenta colors predominate.  

Stereo imaging by Mastcam-Z is the result of photogrammetry of the terrain by triangulation, related to the 24 cm separation of the optical axes of its twin cameras.  Traditional “Stereoscopic Panorama” functionality was never contemplated due to the high parallax of the Mastcam-Z. This high parallax generates a “Hyperstereography”.
NOTE: Perseverance itself is not displayed correctly. This is because during the omnidirectional stereoscopic capture performed during Sol 3, Mastcam-Z was not optimized to take pictures of the rover, but instead the primary purpose was to photograph the ground. 
If you are visiting the VR version at from your cell phone, you will need to use a VR device. I recommend the VR OWL (London Stereoscopic Company). The advantage of the OWL over the Oculus is that the resolution is photographic, and has no chromatic aberration.  

February 21, 2021

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