Kodiak in 3-D!

Contributed by Alicia Vaughan

Grab your red/blue glasses! There are a few reasons I love this anaglyph of the delta remnant named Kodiak. First, these images from the Sol 4 mosaic were our first with the maximum zoom at 110 mm focal length and gave us a first impression of just how fantastic the zoom capability will be for exploring and interpreting our surroundings. After studying orbital imagery of Jezero crater for months leading up to the landing, seeing this prominent landmark with layered outcrop was really exciting!

Second, I have been working on making anaglyphs with Mastcam-Z images with mixed success, and these images were challenging because we didn’t have significant overlap between the left and right eye cameras. When I got this pair of images to converge, it was a real wow moment for me. It helped me appreciate the scale and distance of both the Séítah area between our landing site and Kodiak, and Kodiak itself. We are unable to see the bottom layers of Kodiak where it meets the Jezero crater floor from this location. I’m looking forward to the changing views of Kodiak as we eventually make our way towards the main delta. Did I mention how awesome Zoom 110 is? All Z110 images are amazing.

*There are a few bad pixels in this image product (center example) that are well known and resolved in our current calibration. For more information about these, check out this story on the website Bad Pixels! – Mastcam-Z (

February 22, 2021

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