Santa Cruz

Contributed by Ken Herkenhoff

This enhanced-color Mastcam-Z image was taken on sol 68 (April 29, 2021) at 110 mm focal length, the maximum zoom setting.  It shows features of the martian landscape at various distances, illustrating the vastness of Jezero crater.  The boulders at the bottom of the image are close enough to the rover to allow pits and flutes to be visible, likely formed by wind-blown sand grains impacting the boulders.  Many more boulders are visible behind them, out to a rocky ridge in the middle distance.  Farther still is a large hill — named Santa Cruz — that dominates the skyline left of center; this hill is likely a remnant of the river delta that once extended farther into the crater and has more recently been partly eroded away.  Finally, the Jezero crater rim forms the skyline right of center.  I like this image because it gives a nice perspective of the landscape, from near to far.

April 29, 2021

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