Van Zyl Horizon Mosaic

This Mastcam-Z natural color RGB mosaic is from raw images that form part of the enormous 360-degree panorama acquired between mission sols 53 and 64 (April 14-25, 2021). This mosaic has been dubbed the “Van Zyl Hi-Res panorama” because it was taken from a location near the Octavia E. Butler landing site named “Van Zyl Overlook”, where the rover was parked during the Ingenuity helicopter’s initial flights. Van Zyl Overlook is named after the late NASA/JPL Director for Solar System Exploration Jakob J. Van Zyl, who played a major role in the advocacy and development of many NASA robotic solar system missions.

This partial section of the full panorama just shows the horizon view, spanning about 180-degrees in azimuth from roughly due south (left side) to due north (right side) of the rover. This part of the full mosaic was featured in a recent NASA/JPL Media Briefing about the success of the Ingenuity helicopter’s tech demo mission, as well as in recent testimony to Congress summarizing some of the early successes of the Mars 2020 mission. The full stereo and RGB color mosaic, which has only recently been fully downlinked from the rover, is still being calibrated and worked up for public release. You can view the raw images yourself on the NASA/JPL Mars 2020 mission “Raw Images” web site. There you can find the nearly 1000 separate pairs of left-right images taken at Mastcam-Z’s maximum zoom setting (110-mm focal length) that span 360-degrees in azimuth around the rover, covering terrain from next to the rover all the way out to the horizon.

The JPEG file used as the Feature Image of this entry is a 1/10th scale low-resolution version. To download the full-resolution version, choose the PNG or TIFF options provided below. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS.

April 25, 2021

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