Francesca Cary

University of Hawaii

Francesca Cary is a student collaborator on the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, working with the Mastcam-Z team to investigate the possible ties between the geological and biological evolution of the Martian landscape. Francesca is Australian with a background in geology and genetics, and is passionate about combining her knowledge to study planetary environments that could host an origin of life on Earth, Mars, and even Titan; and is focusing on how chemical differences between these planetary environments could potentially dictate what forms of life could emerge, and what evolutionary trajectories life could take. She is undertaking a Master of Earth and Planetary Science as a Fulbright Scholar specializing in astrobiology, and aspires that as a result of her involvements in the mission her future research will have a lens that will help determine not only where to look for life elsewhere, but also an understanding of how the search can be conducted.

Francesca’s BIOTA Research Scholars Link