Photo of Stephanie Holaday

Stephanie Holaday

Arizona State University

Stephanie Holaday is a Business Operations Specialist Sr. at Arizona State University. During her 20+ year career, she has provided research administration, academic, research project and business operation support as a direct assistant to principal investigators (PIs) and their research groups for various lunar and planetary studies. Missions she has participated on include NASA’s Galileo, Mars Exploration Rover (MER), Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Pathfinder, Mars Polar Lander, Mars 2020, Psyche, Dawn, Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map), and the European Space Agency’s Mars Express. In addition, Stephanie has provided support for the operations of the NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) at ASU and the Planetary Aeolian Laboratory at NASA-Ames Research Center. She also assisted former Chairs during their tenure of the NASA Planetary Geology and Geophysics Management Operations Working Group, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Lunar and Planetary Exploration, and the NASA Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group, and former Co-chair of the NASA Science Definition Team for the Europa flagship mission, as well as the Planetary Science Subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council.